Enabling Rapid Point-of-Care and At-Home Diagnostics

Point-of-Care (POC) testing has been the Holy Grail of medical diagnostics for decades. Proactive Diagnostics' Q-SENS immunoassay and molecular testing platform meets all the essential conditions to fulfill this important mission. The platform allows for the effective detection of proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules, at home, or at various other points of need, unraveling a wide-range of use-cases and possibilities. 


Sensitivity and specificity equal to or better than a central lab

Small Sample

A finger-prick or small volume of other bodily fluids

Quick Results

Quantitative kinetics detection in under 10 minutes


Easy to operate without the need for a phlebotomist


Testing several biomarkers simultaneously in 32 sesnsing-wells

Low Cost

Highly affordable instrument and consumables

Our Q-SENS platform has shown exceptional performance on over 50 different assays, demonstrating its applicability toward a long line of potential use-cases: indicative biomarkers for cardiovascular conditions; screening for autoimmunity antibodies; rapid, en masse, detection of infectious diseases; monitoring chronic inflammation cytokines; and various tests in fields of veterinary, food safety, dietary, and more. 

Proactive Diagnostics' groundbreaking healthcare innovation is set to disrupt the entire lab-testing market and allow individuals to take control of their health and well-being, in a personalized manner, like never before, and to become a core part of the digital healthcare revolution. Our mission statement is to bring to the market as many at-home and point-of-need tests as possible.

We are open to discussing collaboration and investment opportunities around new use-cases and LDTs. Contact us!


SARS-CoV-2 Structural Proteins, Serological Antibody Testing, Infection Risk Stratification Index
Inflammation Monitoring
Listening to our Immune System
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