About Us

Proactive Diagnostics' cutting-edge Q-SENS platform combines multiplexing capabilities (simultaneous testing for several proteins and nucleic acids), with central lab precision, in one affordable and quick test, easily performed on a finger-prick blood sample or other bodily fluids, at the point-of-need.

Digitalizing Healthcare

In the coming years, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be increasingly utilized to generate key and unprecedented medical insights that will aid in the screening, early detection, prevention, and prognosis, of a long line of illnesses and conditions, that will reduce public healthcare expenditure and allow to save many lives.  

Together with several partners and investors, we have performed a range of feasibility studies, proving our technology’s applicability for different uses (cardiovascular disease biomarkers, autoimmunity antibodies, infectious diseases, inflammation cytokines, and more). Our platform has all the necessary traits to become a core part of the imminent revolution of digital health profiling and personalized medicine. 

The COVID-19 Crisis

In the year 2020, humanity has come to face one of the gravest epidemiological crises in history, which has nearly paralyzed the global economy and threatens to undermine sociopolitical structures everywhere. The COVID-19 pandemic has crystallized the need for a scalable point-of-care diagnostics solution! 

Pathogenic outbreaks, such as the one brought about by the novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2), and inevitable future ones, should not be detrimental occurrences. It is within our ability to contain and manage them intelligently, well before they grow into widely socially disruptive events. It is with this imperative challenge in mind, that we at Proactive Diagnostics reaffirm our commitment of enabling effective, wide-scale diagnostics everywhere! 

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