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About Us

Proactive Diagnostics has developed a novel state-of-the-art bio-detection platform, enabling central lab sensitivity and specificity in one highly affordable and quick test performed on a tiny bodily fluid sample, at any point of need.

Digitizing Healthcare

In coming years, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be utilized to generate increasingly personalized medical insights that will aid in the early detection, prevention, and prognosis, of various illnesses and conditions. This process will allow for reducing public healthcare expenditure while improving care and bettering the lives of many. But AI and ML algorithms are data-driven and are only as good as the input data they receive. 

The Q-SENS enables rapid, multiplex, affordable, and minimally-invasive testing, thus allowing to accelerate and enrich data collection processes and deliver improvements in many fields. The technology has been validated through various clinical studies, proving feasibility in many areas: cardiovascular disease biomarkers, oncology, autoimmunity antibodies, infectious diseases, inflammation cytokines, and more. 


The pandemic crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has crystallized the need for scalable, rapid, and precise diagnostics solutions that will enable frequent testing and large-population screening at various points of need. Proactive Diagnostics' versatile Q-SENS technology has all the necessary attributes to serve as a robust screening tool to manage and contain future pathogenic outbreaks before they grow into widely socially disruptive events. 

With Proactive Diagnostics' Q-SENS platform at hand, humanity can finally meet the challenge of enabling wide-scale diagnostics at a pace relevant for 21st-century travel, work, and leisure culture.

Proactive Diagnostics will soon announce its roadmap for development. We are open to discussing collaboration and investment opportunities as well as new use-cases and lab-developed-tests. Contact us!

Digital Healthcare Innovation Center
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