Proactive Diagnostics is developing an on-demand customizable multiplexed panel to test for a range of respiratory viruses at the Point-of-Need

Respiratory tract infection is the leading cause for doctor visits and absences from school and work in the US, and a heavy burden on markets and healthcare systems. The stakes are especially high among high-risk groups, such as the elderly, pregnant women, young children, and immunocompromised patients, prone to severe symptoms and a high mortality rate. Moreover, redundant antibiotics administration continues to erode its efficacy, remaining and prime concern for health organizations and policymakers globally.

Using our groundbreaking Q-SENS platform, we will offer a nimble testing solution for the rapid detection of an ever-updating library of respiratory viruses at the Point-of-Care. This future-proof solution will allow providers to considerably scale up testing to reduce antibiotic stewardship and improve care and outcomes. 

Cytokine Profiling to Predict Disease Severity

Research suggests that appropriate cytokine profiling can provide valuable insight in assessing the resilience of the patient immune system to infection by a pathogen and serve to predict disease progression.

The Q-SENS can enable rapid multiplex cytokine and coagulation pathway assessment from a single blood drop, easily drawn by a finger prick by an untrained individual. This capability, alongside the detection of a specific pathogenic strain, could aid medical staff in gaining increasingly personalized insights and nuanced insights about the host-response interaction and aid in optimizing patient care and medical resource allocation.

Doctors need to know. Patients deserve to know. We look forward to working towards this important mission and welcome opportunities to collaborate with experts in the fields of immunology and host response. 

The Q-SENS Brings a New Level of Pandemic Preparedness 

Frequent and accessible antigen testing for viral structural proteins could go a long way in allowing breaking transmission chains early and providing a real-time and transparent image of a disease's course of spread.

With the span of pathogenic viruses covered by our solution and with results provided ‘on-the-spot’ and instantly transmitted to users, service providers, and monitoring centers, the Q-SENS heralds a new age of public health control and pandemic preparedness. 

We envision the Q-SENS becoming the platform of choice to enable rapid Point-of-Care antigen testing and mass population screening at any Point-of-Need, to enable policymakers and healthcare systems to make informed decisions about lockdowns and other restrictive measures and combat fake news and misinformation.