Q-SENS Platform

An Enabling Technology for a Range of Applications

Q-SENS is a novel, chip-based, biosensing technology, that puts the robustness of the lab-based ELISA analyzer at the palm of one's hand while eliminating the need for any filtering or wash steps. Laser light injected into nano-scale waveguides produces detection that occurs at the intersection of two perpendicular sets of waveguides emitting the wavelength-shifted fluorescence and enabling the interrogation of specific sensing areas for the simultaneous detection of up to 32 biomarkers.  

The Q-SENS Point-of-Need solution offers:

  • Central lab levels of sensitivity and specificity

  • Results in 5-10 minutes

  • Minimally invasive collection of miniature fluid samples (10 μl) that enables simple self-testing

  • High multiplex results, allowing to probe for up to 32 biomarkers in a single run

  • Low cost (100-200$ device and <1$ consumable per test)

  • Quantitative detection, monitoring the kinetics rather than the end-point test result

Results are instantly uploaded to a cloud server or smartphone, enhancing data harvesting and analysis capabilities, and allowing for easy monitoring and screening wherever needed.

Our proprietary platform has demonstrated exceptional performance on ~50 different assays (immunoassays and molecular) and is ready to be commercialized. We are working along with our dedicated partners to bring our solutions to the market. 

Q-SENS Test Flow