Q-SENS Platform

An Enabling Technology for a Range of Applications

Our platform utilizes a novel, disruptive bio-detection technology using silicon biochips with embedded waveguides. Laser light injected into nano-scale waveguides produces detection that occurs at the intersection of two perpendicular sets of waveguides emitting the wavelength-shifted fluorescence and enabling the interrogation of specific sensing areas for the detection of up to 32 targets (i.e., biomarkers).  

The Q-SENS Point-of-Need solution offers:‚Äč


Sensitivity and specificity equal or better than central lab analyzers


Testing several biomarkers simultaneously in up to 32 sesnsing-wells


Small instrument footprint allows placement at the Point-of-Need

Small Sample (<10ul)

Detection in a blood drop or other small fluid sample and low reagent burden (~20ng Ab/test)

Kinetics Monitoring

Real-time kinetics measure binding events as they occur


Minimally invasive, no filtering or washing steps, enabling self-testing by untrained individuals

Quick Results

Detection in 5-10 minutes

Low Target Costs

Highly affordable instrument (<$500) and consumables (<$5) 

Results are instantly uploaded to a cloud server, allowing AI and ML algorithms to deliver increasingly nuanced and personalized insights.

Our platform, protected by 20 patents, has demonstrated exceptional performance on ~50 different assays (immunoassays and molecular) and is ready to be commercialized. We are working along with our dedicated partners to bring our solutions to the market. 

Current Prototype

Displaying Results

Home Screen

Spotted Sensing Chip 

Cartridge Prototype

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