COVID-19 Solutions

Humanity is faced with an immense challenge, necessitating the rapid ramping up of testing capabilities to enable the intelligent management of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


Effective wide-scale diagnostics for a range of biomarkers could allow for:

  • Detection of viral presence to confirm infection as early as possible.

  • Screening of previously infected and potentially immune individuals.

  • Map individuals’ immune systems to predict susceptibility to infection and optimize medical resources allocation.   


Our Q-SENS platform holds the potential to provide an elaborate range of data and insight to inform decisions on lockdowns, social distancing, and economic restriction measures. Such insights will be instrumental in preempting and containing future pathogenic outbreaks that could prove far more deadly than the current pandemic. With its multiplex capability, allowing detection of a variety of biomarkers (viral proteins, antibodies, and non-specific inflammatory cytokines) in up to 32 sensing wells in a single, low-cost, quick-result test, it is a crucially needed solution!

SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostics
Multiplexed Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Structural Proteins
Serological Antibody Testing
Multiplexed Antibody (IgM, IgG1 & IgG3) Testing
COVID-19 Infection Risk Index
Cytokine Profiling to Anticipate Disease Severity
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